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We are Dealer, Supplier, Stockiest of Bull Bins, Plastic Storage Bins and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

MADE FROM POLYPROPYLENE COPOLYMER. Provision for vertical partitions to increase storage options in Bull Bin 25, Bull Bin 35 & Bull Bin 45. Full length rear lip supports provided for hanging bins on louvered panels or rails. (Except for Bull Bin 55) Resistant to most industrial solvents. Anti skid strips provided at the base. Bins are designed to stack one on top of each other. Extra wide stacking base for secure stacking. Tapered front & rear bottom for easy movement on conveyers. Stopper prevents stacked bins from shifting forward. Extra wide label slot for easy content identification.

Bull Bins

Bull Bins 5

OD : L 168mm X W 102mm X H 74mm
ID : L 145mm X W 86mm X H 66mm

Bull Bins

Bull Bins 15

OD : L 201mm X W 125mm X H 101mm
ID : L 178mm X W 105mm X H 92mm

Bull Bins

Bull Bins 25

OD : L 229mm X W 150mm X H 126mm
ID : L 192mm X W 128mm X H 114mm

Bull Bins

Bull Bins 35

OD : L 300mm X W 208mm X H 158mm
ID : L 255mm X W 185mm X H 145mm

Bull Bins

Bull Bins 45

OD : L 348mm X W 210mm X H 200mm
ID : L 305mm X W 187mm X H 185mm

Bull Bins

Bull Bins 55

OD : L 510mm X W 310mm X H 200mm
ID : L 480mm X W 280mm X H 195mm

Colors for all Bins :

SpanRed SpanBlue

( Bull Bin 55 - Red & Blue Colors only)

Please note : Colors shown here are similar, not exact, to actual product colors.