ESD Safe Magnifiers

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We are Dealer, Supplier, Stockiest of ESD Safe Magnifiers, Illuminated Magnifiers, Lighted Magnifiers and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

ESD Safe Magnifiers
ESD Safe Magnifiers
ESD Safe Magnifiers :

Electronic assembly shops often need a work environment that ensures no static electricity build up and thus ensure accidental arcing that can damage sensitive components. These magnifiers qualify for use in such environments by providing a long lasting dissipative surfaces for parts that may come close to the sensitive work.

ESD Safe Models are available in both Deluxe and Semi deluxe versions and with all different mounting bases. These are not available in the Standard version. Their optical and mechanical specifications are the same as that of respective Deluxe Model and Semi Deluxe Model.

Surface Resistivity :
10E6 -10E11 Ohms/sq Surface to Ground Resistance : 10E5 -10E9 Ohms Static Generation: Not noticeable


Extensive use of highly electro-static discharge (ESD) sensitive components in today’s electronic industry necessitate manufacturing & assembly shop floors to be designed and set up with this aspect in mind, and it is necessary that the equipment used there must confirm to this requirement. We have done considerable research in order to provide this solution in regard to Magnifiers.

The damage to the sensitive components occurs due to electric discharge between component and some charged object in the vicinity, or a conductor shorted to the ground. The damage can be total or irreversible, and if the component is mounted on a board the entire board can get rejected. Like all other equipments and instruments used in these factories, the Magnifiers too have to be ESD proofed. In our ESD Safe Magnifiers this is ensured in terms of various parameters (quantitative values given below) such as staticgeneration, resistance value from surface to ground, and surface resistivity -which must remain within the Dissipative Range

To attain these parameterswe use specially imported dissipative polymers, dissipative paints, dissipativecoatings, special electrical layout etc. Electrical Resistance Values of our Magnifiers & their components : Surface Resistivity : 10E6 - 10E11 Ohms/sq Surface to Ground Resistance : 10E5 - 10E9 OhmsStatic Generation (by friction with Thermo cool) : NILThe above figures confirm to requirement of EOS/ESD Association Standards 20.20 (1999) for Electrostatic Discharge control areas. (NB : It is necessary that all other items in the work area such as packingmaterials/bags, work bench surfaces, storage racks, grounding cords, chairs,mats, bins, floor surfaces, footwear/gloves/aprons, conveyor belts etc. haveresistance properties that remain well within 10E3 to 10E12 Ohms.).